I'm a 22 year-old cis, multisexual, grayromantic, pagan Latina.
Pronouns are she/her.

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Remember our Never Again promise, to the generation of the Holocaust? Can we keep it?

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So my mom just told me the story of how her great-aunt Ellen, in 1915 was sixteen years old and babysitting these two children in rural North Dakota with nothing around for miles and her dress caught fire from the old nasty oil stove and the house burned down and she died but she SAVED THE BABIES and they were fine and totally unharmed but she was burned so badly the only thing recognizable were her shoes and she died but was a complete fucking hero

and apparently the family’s descendants didn’t KNOW about this because one just wrote to my mom and was like “WHAT” and I’m just like holy shit how did this not become like a family legendary thing, that is the single most fucking metal heroic thing i have ever heard



MY GREAT, GREAT AUNT WAS METAL AS FUCK AND BRAVE AND SO AWESOME and absolutely did not deserve to die like that, shit, shit

and my mom showed me the literal only surviving photo of her and she’s like 4 with her siblings and so cute omfg bab and looks like my mom did when she was a bab

god i hope i can be half as kickass ass ellen macdonald. and I hope the kids’ entire family learns about this now and thanks their lucky stars she existed

remember teenage girls being heroic and saving entire family lines. fucking remember

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are cats solar powered?? why are they always trying to lie in the sun


what the fuck. i was making a joke but its actually true

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via Cop v. Black Guy

I can’t even laugh…cause this shit is true

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Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 

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boycotting a company is a luxury of the rich never forget this

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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This hammock is on it’s last legs but they love it so much so I guess I’ll leave it in there until the last possible moment.

There’s no back or bottom to it anymore so now they just lay on the top

#rats #cute #animals

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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i literally hate when people always try to dismiss race and act like it “isn’t a problem anymore”

i’m mixed. my dad is a 6’3 black male, my mom is white w/ blonde hair and blue eyes.

you and your family have never been randomly pulled over by cops on several occasions just so they could ask your mom if she’s “okay” 

there’s still a fucking problem

interracial relationships dont end racism, point blank.

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