I'm a 21 year-old cis, queer, pagan Latina.
Pronouns are she/her.

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The 33 Most Ridiculous Controversies in Pop Culture History

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Fuck that. Fuck that right now. I’m going to tell the generation of so called men something right this second. It’s an amazing mystery of the universe. It’s how to never get friendzoned.

This is how you do it.

You come to the terms that the friendzone doesn’t exist and that the most important thing in the universe is not your dick.

-My dad getting real defensive when some guy told him I friendzoned them   (via clockworkjerk)

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tony and rhodey being MIT babies

dumb MIT babies. who wear dumb MIT hoodies. and cuddle and smooch a lot

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#iron war #rhodeytony

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Who is Victoria Hand?

Victoria Hand is a character created for Marvel comics by Brian Michael Bendis. In the television series Agents of SHIELD, she is a senior agent for SHIELD and the director of a SHIELD base, the Hub. 

Victoria Hand sticks to protocol, which puts her sometimes at odds with main character Agent Coulson and his team. However, Victoria is loyal to SHIELD, even after it is revealed that many agents of SHIELD are, in fact, loyal to the evil organization HYDRA.

Why do we need to save her?

In the episode entitled Turn, Turn, Turn, Victoria Hand was shot and presumably killed by Grant Ward.

The campaign to save Victoria was suggested here, and I think it’s a great idea. We brought back Coulson, so why can’t we bring back this character with so much potential?

How do we save her?

Fandomshatewomen has suggested that we go to twitter to trend the hash tag #savevictoriahand. Tweet why you enjoy her, why you want her back, why she deserves to come back. 

This character is incredibly close to my heart, and I would be touched if at least some of my followers and fellow members of the Agents of SHIELD fandom could participate in this campaign.

For more information on Victoria Hand in the comics, you might check my intro post for her.

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I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

  • can’t
  • don’t
  • first
  • help
  • please
  • one
  • my
  • will
  • stop
  • get
  • honestly
  • I’m

#Can't someone spam me for once? #DON'T HAVE SEX. #In America the first floor and the ground floor are the same thing which means that there's a slight security problem for the tributes from #I feel bad when people can't help me #PLEASE REBLOG. #One is You should always make sure what you're doing is actually legal. #MY FOREVER CRUSH #I will find you and send you STRAIGHT TO HELL for ruining my numbers!!! #I can't stop laughing #get it right. #honestly lydia should take a break from relationships #I'M A SHARK SUCK MY DICK

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  • fuck
  • shit
  • dick
  • no
  • hell
  • sex
  • damn

#FUCK EVERYTHING #40 years really changes how people look at shit. #I'M A SHARK SUCK MY DICK #NO -wait. Maybe. #HELL YES #SEX IS CALLED BOINKING #I'm basically saying our government doesn't give a damn.

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Of course they know.

[That Vulture article from April 2013]

if we tell them about science boyfriends do you think they’ll make out

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shrek is the god of self confidence

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We have a con coming up in Australia, and one of my friends couldn’t get a cosplay done in time. But he put this together.

He made a “cosplay superhero” called Captain Patch-It (sometimes lovingly refered to as “the Fairy Cosmother”), and his costume consists of anything and everything you can think of in case someone has an accident or malfunction with their cosplay. He’s an awesome guy.

I thought everyone would like to see his idea

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